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Mr. Imagination, an outsider artist, died May 30, 2012.

Art History

Mr. Imagination Mr. Imagination, an outsider artist who used sandstone and bottle caps to create his unique work, died May 30, 2012, in Atlanta. Mr. Imagination, who was born Gregory Warmack in the Chicago suburb of Maywood, Ill., worked with sculpted objects, using paint, wood, nails, putty and cement, and sold his creations at street fairs in Chicago. Mr. Imagination […]

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Dr. Ben Carson has announced that he will run for president.


  Black Church Group Opposes AT&T and DirecTV merger The National Black Church Initiative, a Washington, D.C.-based organization that represents 34,000 churches with 15.7 million members, is against the possible merger of AT&T and DirecTV. Rev. Anthony Evans, president of NBCI, said if the merger is approved, cable television bills would skyrocket. “The FCC and the Justice Department should reject […]

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Former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge

Chicago Approves $5.5 Million for Black-Male Victims of Police Torture

By Frederick H. Lowe Chicago has become the first city in the nation to approve $5.5 million in reparations for black men who were tortured into confessing to crimes they did not commit by disgraced former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge and his so-called “midnight crew.” Chicago City Council on Tuesday approved a sweeping reparations package that also includes an […]

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A Dover, Delaware, cop kicked  Lateef Dickerson in the head although he was complying with the cop's orders.

Delaware Cop Charged and Fired for Brutal 2013 Arrest

  By Frederick H. Lowe Thomas Webster, a former Dover, Delaware, police officer, has been charged with felony second-degree assault and fired from his job after a dashcam video showed Webster kicking a black man in the face even though he was complying with the cop’s order to lie face down on the ground. Lateef Dickerson, 30, suffered a broken jaw […]

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Memorial services for PGA golfer Calvin Peete will be held later this month.

PGA Golfer Calvin Peete Dies

Memorial Service scheduled Memorial services for professional golfer Calvin Peete will be held 11:00 a.m. May 16 at the Impact Church in Jacksonville, Fla. Mr. Peete, who was 71, died April 29 in Atlanta. Author Johnson, Peete’s friend and business manager, said he was admitted to hospice care where he died of lung and pancreatic cancer. Johnson made his comments […]

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Capt. William White, the only black officer in the British Army during World War I.

The Ontario Black History Society will hold a Film Festival

The Ontario, Canada, Black History Society will host the Black International Film Festival May 12th and 13th with three movies at Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave., Toronto. The films that will be shown are “Dear White People,” “Honour Before Glory” and “Prisoner 46764: The Untold Legacy of Andrew Milangeni.” “Dear White People,” which is co-directed by Justin Simien and […]

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Book describes the first holocaust which was in Africa.

First Genocide of 20th Century Was in Africa, Says Nigerian Writer, Correcting Pope

Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from Global Information Network ( — An Anglo-Nigerian writer has respectfully urged Pope Francis to look beyond Armenia for the first genocide of the 20th century. In an essay in The Guardian, a British newspaper, David Olusoga wrote: “When the media analysts at the Vatican scrutinize the recent social media traffic, their eyes […]

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Lewis Hamilton 2015 Spanish Grand Prix Race Preview, with Allianz

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Poster protesting murders by cops. Photo by Owen Lawson

[Photo Gallery] Chicago residents protest police killings of unarmed blacks

Chicago residents protest police killings of unarmed blacks Students and other groups marched Tuesday night from Chicago police headquarters to the University of Chicago to protest killings of unarmed African-American men and women by police in Chicago, Baltimore and elsewhere. Photos by Owen Lawson

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Freddie Gray Death Ruled Homicide Video – Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby 6 Cops Charged Murder

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