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Black teenagers smoke less than white teenagers, according to a new study.
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Black Teenagers Smoke Less Than White Teenagers

But things change for blacks in their late 20s Most African Americans start smoking cigarettes in their 20s compared to whites who start smoking in their teens, but smoking decreases among whites in their 20s and increases among blacks, according to a new study published by Penn State University. The study “Changes in Gender and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Rates of […]

Bishop George McGuire of the African Orthodox Church.
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George Alexander McGuire, First Bishop of the African Orthodox Church

George Alexander McGuire, the first Bishop, Metropolitan Archbishop of the African Orthodox Church, was born in March 28, 1866, in Sweets, Antigua. McGuire, who was also a physician and surgeon at the Boston College of Physicians and Surgeons, was an Episcopal priest, who became involved  in a movement to establish a Black Anglican denomination. He was consecrated a Bishop on […]

Black women suffer from hot flashes longer than other women

Black Women Endure Menopause Longest, Study Shows

  By Elaina Johnson Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from the Howard University News Service ( — Sarah Finney, 57, said she gets hot flashes throughout her body at least once an hour.  She even wakes up in the night perspiring so heavily that she looks like she just left working out at a gym, she said. “Hot […]

More 1,000 people attended the funeral  Saturday of Tony Terrell Robinson Jr.
Deadly police shootings Mental Health News

Funeral Services for Another Unarmed Black Teenager Killed by Police

More than 1,000 attended his funeral By Frederick H. Lowe Funeral services were held Saturday in Madison, Wis., for an unarmed black teenager who was shot to death March 6 by one of the city’s police officers who claimed the death occurred during a confrontation. Tony Terrell Robinson Jr., 19, was shot in the head, torso and right upper arm […]

Gilles Cistac, a leading lawyer in  recently was murdered
Africa News

Prominent Lawyer Defending the Poor Assassinated in Mozambique

  Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from Global Information Network( — As billions pour into Mozambique from foreign investors scooping up fields of coal and natural gas, the signs of new-found wealth are impossible to miss. Expensive European-style bars and restaurants line the streets of central Maputo, the nation’s capital. The latest Toyota Prados, Range Rovers and Jaguars […]

Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Africa News

As America’s Attention Wanes, Democracy Growing in Africa

  By Khalil Abdullah News Analysis Lately, the United States has moved aggressively to bolster pro-western forces in the Ukraine and promote democracy in the Middle East and Asia. But once again, the U.S. and other western powers are largely ignoring Africa, even as democratic movements are quietly spreading throughout the continent after a generation of leaders who often hoarded […]

David Mailey with the first issue of the Woodlawn Connection, a newspaper he founded patients who attended the Woodlawn Adult Health Center.
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When Chicago Closed a Mental Health Clinic that Helped Black Men, a Newspaper Founded by a Patient also Folded

This story is the first of a series of articles concerning mental health and black men   By Frederick H. Lowe CHICAGO —- When the City of Chicago closed the Woodlawn Adult Health Center in 2012, the Woodlawn Connection, a monthly newspaper founded by a client, folded after publishing 93 issues. “I wanted to publish 100 issues,” David Nero-Mailey, a […]

African Americans motorists  accounted for 85% of traffic stops in Ferguson, Mo.
Civil Rights News

In Ferguson, Black Drivers Account for 85% of Traffic Stops

By Frederick H. Lowe Between October 2012 and October 2014, the Ferguson, Mo., police department reported making 11, 610 vehicle stops, according to a U.S. Justice Department report released Wednesday. Of those traffic stops, African Americans accounted for 85 %, or 9,875 , of those stops despite making up only 67% of Ferguson’s population. On the other hand, white individuals […]