Television journalist who called Obama ‘a dick’ let his dick get him into trouble and fired

Mark Halperin

By Frederick H. Lowe

Veteran television journalist Mark Halperin once called President Barack Obama ‘a dick’ on the MSNBC television program “Morning Joe” after the president said something Halperin didn’t like.

Well, Halperin’s own dick has gotten him into trouble and fired from MSNBC and NBC where he began working in 2010 as a political analyst, following stints at Time, Bloomberg and ABC.

So far 12 women have charged that Halperin sexually harassed them and that the harassment included him pressing his penis or dick against their fully clothed bodies.

Those claims got an instant reaction.

HBO cancelled plans to develop a project based on Halperin’s 2016 election reporting, and Showtime said it is reevaluating its relationship with him.

Penguin Press said it has cancelled plans to publish Halperin’s book about the 2016 election. Halperin is co-writing the book.

For his part, Halperin apologized for his ‘inappropriate behavior.’

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