Police arrest college student for allgedly killing his parents

James Eric Davis Jr.

Police arrested a Central Michigan University sophomore on Saturday, one day after he allegedly shot to death his mother and father in what so far has been unexplained, completely out-of- character act, by the 19 year old who is described by all who knew him as quiet and polite.

James Eric Davis, Jr., was taken into custody by police for murdering James Davis, Sr. and Diva J. Davis, who had driven to the school in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, to pick him up for Spring break.

His father was 48 and his mother was 47. They were shot to death on Friday in their son’s college dormitory room.

The son shot his parents with his father’s gun.

Police claimed the shooting occurred during an unexplained domestic dispute.

James Eric Davis, Sr., and Diva Davis

Police arrested the younger Davis without incident following a daylong manhunt.

Davis senior was a part-time police officer with the Bellwood Police Department. Diva Davis was breast cancer survivor.

Police charged the son with two counts of homicide and using a weapon to commit a felony.


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