February’s unemployment rate climbs for black men

February’s unemployment rate for Asian, black, white and Hispanic men 20 and older

February’s jobless rate for black men 20 and older jumped, but it fell for same- age white, Hispanic and Asian men, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday.

The jobless rate for black men was 7.2 percent, up from 7.1 percent in January and it increased dramatically from 6.4 percent in February 2018. Elise Gould, a senior economist for the Economic Policy Institute, called the rise in black unemployment a worrisome trend.

The unemployment rate for white men 20 and older was 3.3 percent; Asians 3.1 percent and Hispanics 3.6 percent.

The nation’s businesses added 20,000 jobs, far fewer than the 181,000 economists had expected. However, hourly wages rose 11 cents per hour to $27.66, pushing the annual gain to 3.4 percent.

The overall unemployment rate was 3.8 percent, a decline of 0.2 percentage point. The number of unemployed persons dropped by 300,000 to 6.2 million, BLS reported.

Employment in professional business services, health care, and wholesale trade increased but hiring in construction declined.



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  1. We are the only ones who don’t control the means to our own employment.
    The asians control vast sectors of the market as do the whites. African peoples control none.

    However, some Africans in diaspora and continental, have monetary resources that can be transformed, used as leverage to control the inflow and outflow of our markets.

    What is it that no one else can sell to us but us? How do we leverage those advantages into our own global market, demand for our own natural resources control, manufacture and distribution as well as marketing and consumption? We are only at the consumption end, when the bigger market is in the preceding 4 sectors.

    An example: Collin Kaepernick and Co, Cosby, and now Michael Jackson and R-Kelly are being lunched as the white press does all the time, while white clergymen abusing young people while claiming to represent jesus are in this worldwide system of evil.

    What are the advantages of setting up our own football leagues in Africa, a market three time the size of the American one?

    What are the specifics of what we must do to make this a reality in 20 years making the white market less relevant to us?

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