Deadly police shootings

Two Minneapolis cops cleared in deadly shooting

The Hennepin County (Minnesota) State’s Attorney announced on Wednesday his office would not charge two Minneapolis police officers in the November 15 shooting death of Jamar Clark.

Minneapolis police shot to death Jamar Clark
Minneapolis police shot to death Jamar Clark. The Hennepin County District Attorney cleared them of the deadly shooting.

The deadly shooting of Clark by officers Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze sparked weeks of demonstrations by Black Lives Matter in front of a police precinct and at Mall of America, the nation’s largest shopping mall.

The demonstrations by Black Lives Matter also ignited a violent counter demonstration by three white men and an Asian man who fired eight gunshots into the Black Lives Matter crowd who were camped out in front of the police department’s fourth precinct.

Mike Freeman, Hennepin County State’s Attorney, announced his decision four months after Clark’s deadly shooting. Freeman said Ringgenberg and Schwarz were called to apartment 103 at 1611 Plymouth, the scene of a domestic disturbance, where an ambulance had to be called.

Some of the people attending the party, claimed Clark caused the disturbance and he interfered with ambulance employees while they were trying to work.

Ringgenberg and Schwarze approached Clark who was sitting on the curb and a struggle ensued. Several witnesses said police shot Clark while he was handcuffed. A police investigation showed that Clark was not handcuffed.

Schwarze said he shot Clark in the head during a struggle over the cop’s gun. Prosecutors found Clark’s DNA on Schwarze’s holster and gun.

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