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Black men who serve long sentences in prison lose out on Social Security Retirement Benefits.
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Locked Behind Bars and Out of Reach of Social Security

  By Frederick H. Lowe CHICAGO—In an unprecedented move, Chicago officials have agreed to pay $5.5 million in reparations to black men who spent decades in prison after police tortured them into confessing to crimes they didn’t commit. Although each man could receive as much as $100,000 before taxes, the settlement points to another major financial roadblock a corrupt and […]

Darrell Cannon,  one of the black men tortured by Chicago police.
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Former Inmate Tells of Torture and a Forced Confession at the Hands of the Chicago Police

By Frederick H. Lowe CHICAGO—Darrell Cannon spent 24 years and five months in prison after being tortured by disgraced former Chicago police Commander Jon Burge’s subordinates until he confessed to a murder he didn’t commit. Cannon testified last week before Chicago City Council’s Finance Committee that Lt. Peter Dignan, Sgt. John Byrne and Detective Charles Grunhard handcuffed him behind his […]

Timothy Cole
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Texas Tech to Award a Honorary Degree to a Wrongfully Convicted Student

By Frederick H. Lowe Texas Tech University’s Board of Regents has voted to award an honorary degree to Timothy Cole, a former business student who died in a Texas prison for the crime he didn’t commit. School officials expelled Cole in 1985 after he was charged with raping Michele Mallin, another student. A jury in Lubbock, Texas, convicted Cole, 26, […]

Police Shot to Death 115 People in March, Most of them Black Men
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Police Shot to Death 115 People in March, Most of them Black Men

  By Frederick H. Lowe If Murder Inc. was still operating, the nation’s police would be their top competitor. Murder Inc., which was headed by Louis “Lepke” Buchalter and later by Albert “The Mad Hatter” Anastasia, was the enforcement arm of organized crime in the 1930s and 1940s. During those two decades, Murder Inc. carried out 1,000 contract killings. Anastasia […]

Joseph Sledge, who was sentenced to life in prison for a double murder he did not commit, was recently released at age 70. Sledge, who is wearing a white shirt and tie, is with Barbara Kinlaw, his sister. (The North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence provided the photographs)
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After 37 Years, a Man Is Released from Prison for a Crime He Did Not Commit

Another wrongful conviction and another instance of diminished economic opportunity By Frederick H. Lowe Joseph Sledge was a young man of 33 when he was sentenced to life in prison for a double murder he didn’t commit. Sledge was a 70 year-old senior citizen when he was released from prison on Friday after serving 37 years in prison for the […]