Department of Justice Reveals 60% Drop in Juvenile Incarceration

Black youth, however, comprise 44 percent of incarcerated young people Statement of Josh Rovner, Senior Advocacy Associate of The Sentencing Project The Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention’s newly released 2017 figures on youth incarceration are worth celebrating. The data continue a trend dating back to 2001, the year the sustained decline began. It is especially[Read More…]

Real Men Cook expands the menu to address other issues affecting black men

    By Frederick H. Lowe BlackmansStreet.Today Real Men Cook, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary Father’s Day, has evolved from black men cooking and promoting healthy meals for their family, friends and guests, to a gateway for discussions about other pressing issues that affect African-American men, Ayinde Cartman, executive director of Real Men Charities Inc., parent organization of Real[Read More…]

Black police chiefs in two California cities come under sharp criticism

Black police superintendents in two of California’s largest cities have come under intense criticism for their officers’ handling of two high-profile incidents. San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott recently defended his officers’ raid on the home of a freelance videographer who was suspected of stealing a police report concerning the death of public defender and San Francisco mayoral candidate Jeffrey[Read More…]

Lori Lightfoot sworn in as Chicago mayor

She wants to re-open the city’s mental health clinics Black women now control the four top elected positions in Chicago   By Frederick H. Lowe BlackmansStreet.Today Lori E. Lightfoot was sworn in today as Chicago’s 56th mayor. Lightfoot is the first black woman and the first openly gay person to hold the city’s highest elected office. At her side for[Read More…]

Disenfranchisement News from The Sentencing Project

May 20, 2019 Florida Lawmakers pass bill creating financial barrier to rights restoration After much debate, lawmakers passed a measure requiring people with felony convictions to pay all court-ordered restitution, fines and fees before they are allowed to vote. Democrats and civil rights advocates argue that this financial requirement is a new “poll tax” that goes against the spirit of[Read More…]

What a graduation gift! Billionaire will pay off student loans for all 400 2019 graduates of Morehouse College for Men

      By Frederick H Lowe BlackmansStreet.Today Black billionaire Robert F. Smith awarded the class of 2019 at Morehouse College for men a gift graduating seniors and their parents won’t ever forget. Smith, founder, and chair of Vista Equity Partners and a philanthropist announced on Sunday that he would pay off student loan debt for all of the 400[Read More…]

“Empire” actress Taraji P. Henson wants a discussion of mental health in the black community to have a leading role

  By Frederick H. Lowe BlackmansStreet.Today The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, a new organization that has a goal of breaking the silence and prompting discussion of pervasive mental illness in the black community, will hold a conference and benefit dinner June 7th through June 9th at the Grand Hyatt Washington in  Washington, D. C. The foundation is named in honor[Read More…]

Trump Administration Secures Historic Donation of Billions of Dollars in HIV Prevention Drugs

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex M. Azar II  announced this week that, as a result of discussions between the Trump Administration and Gilead Sciences, Inc., the pharmaceutical company has agreed to donate pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication for up to 200,000 individuals each year for up to 11 years.   PrEP is used to reduce the risk of HIV infection[Read More…]

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