Aramis Ayala

A Tale of Two Black Prosecutors

By Frederick H. Lowe Two elected district attorneys who are black, rarities in law enforcement, are facing significant challenges on their jobs, one for alleged corruption and the other for taking a principled stand. There are more than 2,400 elected prosecutors in the United States, 4 percent are black men and 1 percent are black women, according to a 2015 […]

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Raphael Bostic

African American Named Head of the Atlanta Fed

His appointment comes at the urging of some Congressional Black Caucus members By Frederick H. Lowe Raphael W. Bostic, a professor of governance at the University of Southern California, has been named president and CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, becoming the first African American in the Federal Reserve system’s 104-year history to lead one of its 12 regional […]

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The city of Cleveland has agreed to pay the estate of Tamir Rice and his family $6 million.

Police Dispatcher Suspended in Tamir Rice Deadly Shooting

By Frederick H. Lowe A Cleveland police dispatcher who failed to convey the correct information to a police officer who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice, believing he was armed with a loaded pistol, not a toy gun, has been suspended for eight days without pay. Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams wrote in a disciplinary letter that 911 dispatcher Constance Hollinger […]

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Ben Keita

ACLU Urges FBI to Investigate Hanging Death of a Muslim Teen

The American Civil Liberties of Washington has called on the FBI’s Seattle office to investigate the hanging death of an 18-year-old Muslim high school student who lived in Lake Stevens, Wash., near Everett. The request was included in a letter the ACLU-Washington mailed to the FBI asking that the law enforcement agency “commit to a  comprehensive, thorough investigation” into the […]

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Study: Blacks Comprise Majority of Defendants Who are Wrongfully Convicted

Study: Blacks Comprise Majority of Defendants Who are Wrongfully Convicted

By Frederick H. Lowe African Americans comprise the majority of defendants wrongfully convicted of murder, sexual assault and drug crimes who are later exonerated, according to a study released by the National Registry of Wrongful Convictions. The report titled “Race and Wrongful Convictions in the United States” reported that African Americans constituted 47% of the 1,900 exonerations listed in the […]

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The jobless rate in the black community went up in February.

Nation Adds Jobs Elsewhere, but Blacks Are Left Standing in the Unemployment Line

By Frederick H. Lowe The nation’s businesses added 235,000 jobs in February but the companies obviously didn’t hire in the black community where the unemployment rate went up compared to other racial and ethnic groups where it went down. The black jobless rate in February was 8.1 percent compared to 7.7 percent in January, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics […]

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Police Encounters Cause Stress Among Black Men

Police Encounters Cause Stress Among Black Men

Stress leads to disease Black men don’t get medical treatment and die earlier By Rosemary Eng STANFORD Calif. — Community policing can be bad for public health At a public health symposium at Stanford University March 6 scholars from Stanford Medicine and Stanford Law School described long-lasting health problems negative police encounters can trigger, particularly in minorities and the poor. […]

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Black Cancer Survivors Study is Underway in Detroit

Black Cancer Survivors Study is Underway in Detroit

By Frederick H. Lowe The largest study so far of African- American cancer survivors is now underway in Detroit. The Detroit Research on Cancer Survivors (ROCS) study has launched a $9 million project that will investigate the lives of 5,560 black cancer survivors over the next five years. The study, which is led by the National Cancer Institute, will collect […]

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Monica Vaca of the Federal Trade Commission

FTC: Consumers Spent $744 Million on Fraudulent Transactions

  By Frederick H. Lowe Consumers complained in 2016 they were duped into paying $744 million for fraudulent transactions, down from $774 million in 2015, according to the Federal Trade Commission’s Sentinel Network Data Book, which recorded complaints from January through December 2016. Consumers paid an average of $1,024.00 per fraudulent transaction in 2016 compared with $1,154.00 in 2015. The […]

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Bobby Sengstacke

Robert Abbott Sengstacke

A member of the family that founded and once owned the Chicago Defender   By Frederick H. Lowe Robert Abbott Sengstacke, son of John Herman Henry Sengstacke, owner and publisher of the Chicago Defender, died Tuesday following a long illness. He was 73. Robert, who was called Bobby by friends, worked as a photographer for the Chicago Defender, and Muhammad […]

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