Corrine Brown

Jury convicts former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown of mail and wire fraud

JACKSONVILLE, FLA.–A 12-member jury in Florida has convicted former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown (D., Fla.) of mail fraud, filing false tax returns and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. In all, Brown, a former member of the Congressional Black Caucus, was convicted of 18 of 20 felonies. The jury announced its decision on May 11. Brown served in Congress […]

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Jefferson Davis statue

Jefferson Davis Loses the War Again

His Statue Is Removed in New Orleans By Frederick H. Lowe NEW ORLEANS—The City of New Orleans today removed a statue honoring Jefferson Davis, president of Confederacy, and there are more plans to remove the remaining two statues that celebrate the Confederacy and white supremacy. The removal of the Jefferson Davis statue on Jefferson Davis Parkway was completed during the […]

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Remember the Ladies

Books–Remember the Ladies: Celebrating Those Who Fought for Freedom at the Ballot Box

by Angela P. Dodson While Hillary Rodham Clinton’s defeat in her run for the presidency may be a setback in the march toward breaking the ultimate glass ceiling, her candidacy—and her victory in the popular vote—can be celebrated as a historic milestone coming less than one hundred years after American women first got that vote. Indeed, 2017 marks the centenary […]

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James Comey and then President Obama

President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey

By Frederick H. Lowe WASHINGTON — President Donald J. Trump today fired FBI Director James Comey, Jr., on the recommendations of U.S. Attorney General James Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the White House announced this afternoon. “The FBI is one of the our nation’s most cherished and respected institutions and today will mark a new beginning for our […]

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Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin Wanted to be a Pilot

Florida Memorial University will award him a posthumous degree in aviation By Frederick H. Lowe MIAMI—Before his life was snuffed out by a bullet fired by George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin dreamed of becoming a pilot or an aircraft mechanic, aspirations rarely mentioned about him following his violent death. On May 13 during commencement exercises, Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens, […]

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Black Journalists Launch Program to Improve the Image of Black Men

Black Journalists Launch Program to Improve the Image of Black Men

By Frederick H. Lowe WASHINGTON, D.C. —The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) has launched a new program to change the lives and images of black men in the news and in society. The NABJ Black Male Media Project, which is designed to change the narrative concerning black men, will launch its first program throughout the U.S. beginning June 10. […]

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Obama Presidential Library

Former President Obama Unveils Model of His Presidential Museum

The presidential center is seen as an economic engine for revitalization and job growth on Chicago’s South Side By Frederick H. Lowe CHICAGO–Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday showed off a model of the Obama Presidential Center, which will honor the nation’s first African-American president as well as help to revitalize neighborhoods on Chicago […]

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Walter Scott

Former Cop Pleads Guilty to Federal Civil Rights Violation in Deadly Shooting of Walter Scott

But no federal charges are expected against cops who killed Alton Sterling By Frederick H. Lowe CHARLESTON, S.C.–Michael Slager, a former police officer, who killed motorist Walter Scott Jr. by shooting a fleeing Scott in the back, lied about the circumstances surrounding the shooting until a cell phone video surfaced showing what really happened, on Tuesday pled guilty to federal […]

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Barbara Byrd-Bennett. She's not smiling now.

Former Chicago Schools CEO will stay after School for a Long Time

By Frederick H. Lowe CHICAGO — Barbara Byrd-Bennett, former chief executive officer of the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), once said she wanted to help educate black school children. In some instances she did, but she mostly helped herself because of her unrestrained greed. Last week, U.S. District Court Judge Edmond E. Chang sentenced Byrd-Bennett to four years in a federal […]

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Another reason to exercise: It might help your vision

Another reason to exercise: It might help your vision

Posted by Julie Cohen-UC Santa Barbara April 12th, 2017 SANTA BARBARA, CALIF.–The benefits of exercise go beyond fitness: reducing risk of disease, improving sleep, and boosting mood. But can it improve our vision, too? The findings of a new study suggest the answer is yes. Intrigued by recent findings that neuron firing rates in the regions of mouse and fly […]

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