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White man pleads guilty to shooting three black men attempting to evacuate after Hurricane Katrina
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White man pleads guilty to shooting three black men attempting to evacuate after Hurricane Katrina

  By Frederick H. Lowe BlackmansStreet.Today A white man who shot and wounded three black men, trying to reach safety after Hurricane Katrina 13 years ago pled guilty on Wednesday to a hate crime in New Orleans U.S. District Court. Roland Bourgeois, Jr., 55, was indicted in 2010 but he pled not guilty in legal proceedings that dragged on for […]

Kanye West says he’s mentally ill
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Kanye West says he’s mentally ill

  A break from the overwhelming silence on an issue that many blacks consider taboo By Frederick H. Lowe Rapper Kanye West is known for saying things some blacks consider pretty crazy, like supporting President Trump, a racist villain to many African Amerians, and saying slavery by African Americans was a choice. West also said on national TV during Hurricane […]

"The results suggest that this bias arises in individuals with lower interracial exposure because they visually process racially ambiguous faces in a more difficult and unpredictable fashion, and this unstable experience translates into negative biases against mixed-race people," says Jonathan Freeman. (Credit: iStockphoto)
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Zip code predicts bias against mixed-race faces

Posted by James Devitt Of New York University White Americans who live in less racially diverse areas tend to show more prejudice against black people. But new research shows the bias also extends to mixed-race people—the fastest growing racial group in the United States. “Our findings show that white individuals with lower interracial exposure tend to exhibit greater prejudice against […]

Mural of Ezell Ford, Jr. He was both black and mentally ill, targets for the Los Angeles police. Police shot him to death August 11, 2015. He was one of five mentally ill men shot by Los Angeles police in 2014.
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Los Angeles police shot to death higher numbers of the mentally ill and disproportionate numbers of blacks

The Los Angeles police last year fatally shot a higher number of people suffering from mental illness compared with previous years, according to the LAPD’s “Use of Force Year End Review and Executive Summary for 2015.” Fourteen of a total of 38 LAPD fatal shootings involved men with signs of mental illness. This number is up from five in 2014, […]

Quintonio LeGrier
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Cop sues estate of victim he killed

  by Frederick H. Lowe A white Chicago cop who shot to death a black 19 year-old undergraduate student and his downstairs neighbor last December has sued the young man’s estate. The lawsuit brought by Robert Rialmo claims that he is suffering from physical and emotional trauma because he accidently shot to death Bettie Jones, a 55-year-old mother and grandmother, […]

O.J. Simpson may be suffering from CTE, a brain disease caused by repeated concussions
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  Doctor speculates:  O. J.  Simpson maybe suffering from CTE Forensic neurologist Bennett Omalu, MD, the first person to identify chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in the brains of deceased football players, said he strongly believes that O. J. Simpson suffers from CTE, a degenerative brain disease caused by repeated blows to the head and repeated concussions, that makes sufferers volatile […]

A diabetes pill under development could do away with needles by delivering insulin via a capsule filled with mucoadhesive patches. "People take insulin several times a day and delivery by needles is a big challenge," says Samir Mitragotri. Above, Amrita Banerjee holds a capsule. (Credit: Sonia Fernandez)
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Pill could deliver insulin without the pain

Posted by Sonia Fernandez University of California Santa Barbara Researchers are developing an insulin pill that could soon offer a pain-free blood sugar management option to people with diabetes. “With diabetes, there’s a tremendous need for oral delivery,” says Samir Mitragotri, professor in the chemical engineering department at the University of California, Santa Barbara, who specializes in targeted drug delivery. “People take […]

At Black churches–fellowship with heaps of food
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At Black churches–fellowship with heaps of food

  Black churches provide fellowship and large amounts of food, which are served to relieve stress. The meals contribute to a high obesity rate in the black community, but they also provide needed comfort in an atmosphere of fellowship By Frederick H. Lowe CHICAGO–After the Fourth Sunday of Advent Service in December, members and guests of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, […]

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Georgia county to open court to treat arrestees suffering from mental illness

  DeKalb County, Georgia, is launching the DeKalb County Felony Mental Health Court this month after receiving grants from Criminal the Justice Coordinating Committee and the DeKalb County District Attorney’s office. The grants, totaling $131,338, will fund the court which will provide judicially supervised treatment and an alternative sentencing program designed to assist felony offenders who have severe and persistent […]