The economy added more than 260,000 jobs in October, but the black unemployment rate jumped

  By Frederick H. Lowe   The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for black men 20-years old and older rose in October, although the nation’s nonfarm businesses added 261,000 jobs, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday morning. The jobless rate for black men was 7.5 percent in October compared to 6.7 percent in September. Unemployment for black men was[Read More…]

Black Male Unemployment Was 7.3% in April

Centers for Disease Control reports Unemployment poses a health risk for Blacks. By Frederick H. Lowe WASHINGTON–The unemployment rate for black men 20 years old and older improved in April compared with March as U.S. businesses added 211,000 jobs, reducing the nation’s overall jobless rate to 4.4 percent, a 10-year low. The jobless rate for black men in April was[Read More…]

Obama Donates $2 Million to a Youth Jobs Program

It would serve as an apprenticeship program to train people to work on his presidential center By Frederick H. Lowe CHICAGO—Former President Barack Obama has been criticized within his own party for pocketing a $400,000 check for speaking to some Wall Street big shots. Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren registered their disapproval of Obama for accepting the big check[Read More…]

Minimum wage workers can’t afford the rent

Wage stagnation and a shortage of affordable housing are blamed   By Frederick H. Lowe James McMillian, lll, a postal worker and Vietnam vet, with a white Imperial mustache, white sideburns and a white goatee, ran for New York governor on the “Rent Is Too Damn High” party platform. McMillian discussed how families, particularly households headed by women, couldn’t afford[Read More…]

Jobless rate for blacks climbs in March

by Frederick H. Lowe The unemployment rate for African Americans was 9.0 percent in March, higher than the 8.8 percent recorded in February, although the nation’s non-farm businesses added 215,000 jobs, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this morning. The jobless rate for black men and black women 20 years old and older climbed last month. For black men,[Read More…]

Wade Henderson stepping down from leadership conference next year

  Announcement stresses need for ‘generational shift’ in civil rights leadership ( — Wade Henderson, nationally known for his searing, but smooth speaking style as president/CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, says he will step down at the end of 2016 after 20 years of leadership. “This announcement is just one step on a very long path in[Read More…]

National Association of Black Journalists cuts staff

  The National Association of Black Journalists executive board announced on Friday that it has let go of three employees, including the executive director, to streamline operations due to recent changes in the economy. Darryl R. Matthews, Sr., and two other employees who were not identified, lost their jobs. “We appreciate his service to the association and we wish him[Read More…]

Hillary comes out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership

  The two-top candidates for the Democratic nomination for president have come out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, breaking with President Barack Obama. Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who leads rival U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I.,Vermont) in national polls but lags behind him in some state and local polls, announced Wednesday that she is against TPP after vigorously[Read More…]

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