Fitness Programs for Minorities Lack Input

By Christian Basi University of Missouri  A lack of cultural relevance may mean some fitness programs are falling short in improving the overall health of minorities, a new study finds. Researchers found that minority adults who received exercise interventions increased their physical activity levels. However, these interventions are not culturally tailored to best assist minority populations in improving overall health.[Read More…]

Therapy gap for depressed Black Seniors

  By Steve Manas Rutgers University African Americans seniors are the least likely to be diagnosed with depression, and if diagnosed, the least likely to receive treatment, researchers report. The disparities remain despite improvements to diagnostic tools and therapies in the two last decades, according to a study published online in American Journal of Public Health. Depression is a significant[Read More…]

Why Kidney Failure risk 4x higher for Blacks

  By Beverly Clark Emory University African Americans are more likely than whites to excrete protein in their urine, a condition that may contribute to a much higher incidence of kidney failure. According to the National Kidney Foundation, kidney failure has a disproportionate impact on minority populations, especially African Americans. The incidence of kidney failure in African Americans is nearly[Read More…]

Many Say Mental Health Care Is Vital, But Often Tough to Get

    Survey of U.S. adults finds concerns about accessibility, expense (HealthDay News) — Although most Americans think mental health care is important, they often believe it’s expensive and hard to get, a new survey shows. In questioning more than 2,000 adults, nearly 90 percent said they place equal value on mental and physical health. But one-third said mental health[Read More…]

Too Few Blacks, Hispanics Becoming Doctors: Study

Shortage of minority physicians may affect U.S. patient care, experts say HealthDay News– Too few members of minority groups are pursuing careers in U.S. medicine, resulting in a serious lack of diversity among general practitioners and specialty doctors, a new report finds. Publicly reported data gathered by researchers showed that in 2012: Blacks made up just under 4 percent of[Read More…]

African-American Prostate Cancer Summit

  Conference will discuss how recommended changes in treatment affect black men By Frederick H. Lowe The Prostate Health Education Network will host its 11th Annual African-American Prostate Cancer Summit next month amid concerns that it must have a role in reviewing changes to prostate cancer healthcare policies since the disease is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths among black[Read More…]

9 recommendations to control high blood pressure

By Tom Hughes   University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill New guidelines for managing high blood pressure include nine recommendations and a treatment flow chart to help doctors treat patients with hypertension. “These new guidelines provide reliable, evidence-based recommendations that can reduce the burden of stroke and heart disease in our country,” says Sidney Smith, professor of cardiology at the[Read More…]

Job Cuts

  Employment More than 105,000 job cuts announced in July The day before the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly jobs’ report on Friday, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a Chicago-based outplacement firm, published its figures for layoffs and it wasn’t a pretty picture. U.S. employers cut 105,696 workers from their payrolls in July, Challenger, Gray & Christmas reported.[Read More…]

Black Infant Death Rates

  Infant death rates between blacks and whites is very wide By Frederick H. Lowe The U.S. infant death rate among blacks was twice as high as that for white infants in 2013, even though the overall infant death rate dropped to a historic low, National Vital Statistics Reports announced last week. The highest infant death rate was 11.11% per[Read More…]

Trump As In Rump

  His comments about black men, including President Obama, are well known Donald Trump, who was banned from last weekend’s RedState gathering in Atlanta because of sexist comments he made to Fox News’s Megyn Kelly during Thursday’s Republican debate in Cleveland, has made even nastier comments about black men with very little national blow back. In 1989, after a woman[Read More…]

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