Chicago police are investigating widow of Dennis Edwards, former Temptations lead singer, for abuse

Chicago police are investigating widow of Dennis Edwards, former Temptations lead singer, for abuse

By Frederick H. Lowe The widow of Dennis Edwards, former Temptations’ lead singer who died Thursday, is being investigated for physically abusing him, but it is not clear if the alleged abuse caused or contributed to his death, Chicago police tell CBS Chicago. Dennis Edwards and his wife Brenda moved from St. Louis, where he lived for 30 years to […]

Median age of homelessness is now 50

Median age of homelessness is now 50

By Frederick H. Lowe The median age of the nation’s homeless population has dramatically risen over the last 15 years, and rise is being attributed in part to the lack of affordable housing. The median age of homeless is now 50 years old compared to 35 years old in 1990, Judith G. Gonyea, professor of Social Research at Boston University, […]

African Americans are the largest victims of money-losing scams.
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Blacks are the ones most victimized by consumer fraud

  Frederick H. Lowe Dorothy Pruitt, a 65-year-old African-American woman, paid $85,118.03 to Mark Steven Diamond, a Chicago area home repairman, well known to federal, state officials and some consumers for his shoddy or non-existent work, to tear down and build a new back porch. Diamond deposited Pruitt’s money into one of his companies’ bank accounts. And for her high […]

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Meals on Wheels brings food and cuts loneliness

  By David Orenstein Brown University. When Congress passed the Older Americans Act in 1965 to support elderly people who were struggling—often alone—to continue to live at home, a major plank of the legislation provided for home delivery of meals. A newly published study confirms another benefit of visitors regularly knocking on the doors of seniors in need: a significant […]

"We're embedding complexity and novelty into their daily lives, something that tends to disappear once people retire," says Michelle Carlson. "The same things that benefit us at 5, 10, 25, 35—contact with others, meaningful work—are certain to benefit us as we age." (Credit: iStockphoto)
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Senior volunteers ward off brain ‘shrinkage’

  by Stephanie Desmon Johns Hopkins University The memory center in the brains of seniors who volunteered in public schools for two years maintained their size, rather than shrinking as part of the normal aging process, report researchers. The findings suggest that retirees who take part in meaningful social activity can prevent shrinkage in their brains’ memory centers and avert age-related cognitive […]

U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky is seeking a new formula for a Cost of Living Adjustment for Social Security.
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Social Security: no COLA in 2016

  by Frederick H. Lowe The Social Security Administration has announced there will be no automatic cost of living adjustment (COLA) for Social Security beneficiaries next year because there was no increase in inflation as measured by Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) in the third quarter. “The Social Security Act provides for an automatic […]

Black seniors are often swindled.
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Black seniors abused, swindled more

  by Morgan Kelly University of Pittsburgh African-American seniors could be twice as likely to be the victims of psychological abuse as elders of other races. A survey also reveals that African-American elders could be up to five times more susceptible to being cheated financially. Published in The Gerontologist, the survey is among a very few that focus on race […]

Blacks are being urged to sign up online for Social Security.
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Blacks urged to sign up online for Social Security

  by Frederick H. Lowe The U.S. Social Security Administration partnered with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation last week to encourage African Americans to use the Social Security Administration’s online financial tools to plan for retirement. The Foundation, the charitable arm of the Congressional Black Caucus, held its 2015 annual legislative conference September 15th through 20th in Washington D.C. The […]

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Therapy gap for depressed Black Seniors

  By Steve Manas Rutgers University African Americans seniors are the least likely to be diagnosed with depression, and if diagnosed, the least likely to receive treatment, researchers report. The disparities remain despite improvements to diagnostic tools and therapies in the two last decades, according to a study published online in American Journal of Public Health. Depression is a significant […]