Restaurant employee allegedly stabs black businessman who asked permission to use the bathroom

A Bahamian businessman has cautioned his country’s residents to be on their guard while visiting the U.S. after he was stabbed by an Arab restaurant employee while attempting to use the bathroom. Fawaz Zarif Hassan, who is Muslim,  slashed Harold Williams, a manager of Bahamasair,  on his left cheek on Saturday as he walked to the rear of Pines Market[Read More…]

Scholarship named for college alumnus shot to death by police in his own apartment

Harding University is honoring 2016 alumnus Botham Jean who was shot to death in his Dallas apartment by an off-duty cop who claimed she had entered the living space thinking it was hers before shooting him to death, believing he was a burglar. “Harding University in cooperation with PwC, formerly Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and the family of Botham Jean, has established[Read More…]

Legesse wins 2019 Tokyo Marathon, but fuchsia-colored running shoes dominate the race

Berhanu Legesse won Sunday’s 2019 Tokyo Marathon, but fuchsia running shoes dominated the race. Legesse of Ethiopia crossed the finish line in persistent rain and low temperatures at 2: 04: 48, wearing fuchsia-colored running shoes. Bedan Karoki, of Kenya who finished second, also wore fuchsia running shoes. Early in the race run through Tokyo’s streets, the runners were tightly grouped[Read More…]

Los Angeles Police Division Cuts Back on Vehicle Stops amid Reports of Racial Bias

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Times revealed that the Los Angeles Police Department’s Metropolitan Division stopped black drivers at a rate more than five times their share of the population. Following the report, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti ordered Metro police to cut back on stops. “We have made our streets safer with fewer vehicle stops than in recent[Read More…]

Breakdancing may break into the Summer Olympic Games

Breakdancing, an art form started by African-American teenagers that has spread all over the world, may break into the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris as a new sport. The list of additional sports for inclusion will be revealed this week by  the local organizing committee. Breakdancing is an acrobatic form of street dancing set to hip-hop music. Breakdancing appeared[Read More…]

“The Short One” is facing a long sentence

“The Short One,” or El Chapo, is facing a long  prison sentence after a New York jury on Tuesday convicted him of drug trafficking. Joaquin Guzman Loera, El Chapo’s his birth name, faces life behind bars after the jury issued 10 guilty verdicts on all 10 counts of a federal indictment, capping off a three-month trial. He is scheduled for[Read More…]

One of Naomi Osaka’s sponsors whitewashes her

Naomi Osaka, ranked the world’s No.1 women’s tennis player by the Women’s Tennis Association, criticized Nissin Foods Holdings, one of her sponsors, after they depicted her with pale skin, deliberately making her look like a white woman. “I’m tan; that’s pretty obvious,” said Osaka, whose father, Leonard Francois, is Haitian and whose mother, Tamika Osaka, is Japanese. A spokesman for[Read More…]

Actor Kristoff St. John found dead

  Kristoff St. John, star of the CBS television soap opera “The Young and The Restless,” was found dead Sunday in his Woodland Hills, California, home, police said. An unnamed close friend entered his home and found his body. The cause of death has not been announced, but foul play was not suspected. Friends of the actor reportedly told police[Read More…]

Egypt to host Africa Cup of Nations

Egypt, which is seeking to boost its tourism, following the Arab Spring, which chased visitors away, has received significant help. The country will host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, a soccer or football tournament, it was announced earlier this month. The tournament, which will be held June 15 to July 13, has been expanded to 24 teams. It was[Read More…]

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