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Reparations Activists Ready for New Phase in Long Struggle

By Linn Washington Jr. NEW YORK — Racism is a topic that usually divides black and white Americans. However, iconic civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson said there is one contentious race-mired issue where blacks and whites seemingly share a similar posture. “Blacks and whites have one thing in common. They will not discuss reparations,” Jackson said, defining reparations for […]

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Black media, Business and Civil Rights Groups Take Issue With Lawsuit Attacking Sharpton

( — Three national African-American organizations have issued a joint statement in response to a $20 billion federal lawsuit filed by television producer Byron Allen, charging Comcast Corp., Time Warner Cable, the NAACP, the National Urban League, Rev. Al Sharpton and his National Action Network, and former Federal Communications Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker with racial discrimination. In the lawsuit, Allen […]

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Black America Missing Nearly Half of Its Economic Share

New Report Shows African-Americans at Rock Bottom of America’s Equality Index By Hazel Trice Edney ( — Amidst continued struggles to maintain voting rights, protests to end shootings of unarmed black males by police and a constant press to lower the jobless rate for African-Americans, a new report this week announces that Black America is still not receiving nearly half […]

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Black Unemployment Rate was 10.4% in February

African- Americans’ jobless rate is higher than every other group The overall unemployment rate dropped in February as the nation’s businesses added 295,000 new jobs, but African-Americans did not benefit as much as other ethnic and racial groups. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for African Americans was 10.3% in January compared to […]

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Felony Disenfranchisement Diminishes Black Voting Strength, but Black Prison Inmates Help Rural White Areas

By Frederick H. Lowe Felony disenfranchisement, which prohibits individuals from voting although they have completed their prison sentences,  is a major obstacle to full black voting strength, according to a study published by the Joint Center  For Political and Economic Studies, a Washington, D. C.-based think tank for African-American elected officials. “Many states disenfranchise former offenders after they have completed […]

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Fifty Years of Economic Futility

By James Clingman ( – During the fifty year period from 1963 (“I have a dream!”) to 2013, Black people have been on a virtual economic treadmill.  Our relative economic position has not changed; our unemployment rate has consistently been twice as high as the White unemployment rate, which was 5% for Whites and 10.9% for Blacks in 1963, and […]

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Unemployment Rate Drops for Black Men in January

Labor participation rate also declines By Frederick H. Lowe The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for black men 20 years old and older dropped in January compared with December, but the results were mixed for African-American workers, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported earlier this month. The jobless rate for black men was 10.8 percent in January compared to 11.0 […]