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Driverless vehicles will drive jobs to a dead end

Letter to the Editor

Fred, thanks for running the article about driverless vehicles from Demos writer Dr. Algernon Austin.

I covered this field for 18 months or so, and I agree with Dr. Austin that driverless vehicles will kill a number of driving jobs.

Black teens who think they will grow up and drive for public transit like the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) or Metro (around DC) are living in a dream world.

As Dr. Austin indicates, it will soon be tough to become a delivery driver for FedEx or UPS. Those hoping to become drivers might not even be driving Uber as many of those vehicles will also be driverless. For example, look at this recent story—Disney World will be testing driverless vans.

I don’t know what the solution is for those now in high school. At this time, maybe the best strategy for young people is to dive into STEM and learn how to program these buses, delivery vehicles and cars. As they learn, they may start thinking about the next technology—how do you disrupt driverless vehicles?

That is how fast technology is changing the world.


Burney Simpson


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